Insert Molding

MCG Plastics, Inc. has a trained staff and a quality control department that monitors all of the products that are manufactured.  They have many years of experience as a custom plastic insert molding company.  This allows them to deliver quality products on time to customers.


What is insert molding?

Plastic injection insert molding is a process in which thermoplastic materials are molded around a piece or pieces that have been inserted into the cavity of the plastic injection mold.  This results in a strongly bonded and integrated assembled piece where the insert or inserts are captured in the plastic.  The inserts can be metal, another type of plastic, ceramic or any other substance that can endure the insert molding process.



The insert molding process helps to reduce assembly and labor costs.  Products are produced as one piece which helps to reduce the size and weight of the final piece. These steps provide for a more reliable and stronger finished product that is one seamless part.  Some possible products that are insert molded are:

·         Medical Devices and Instruments (eg. needle hubs and tube valves)

·         Knobs for Appliances, Controls and Assemblies

·         Encapsulated Electronic Devices

·         Electrical Components

·         Military Equipment

·         Threaded Fasteners

·         Encapsulated Bushings, Tubes and Studs