MCG Plastics, Inc.

There are a lot of plastic companies out there, so I’m sure you are asking yourself why you should choose MCG Plastics, Inc.

We value our customer at MCG Plastics Inc. because without you, we wouldn’t be here! Not only do we want to provide you with the best quality product with on time delivery, and at competitive rates.

We focus on our customers and strive to provide you with the highest levels of satisfaction while making sure that we exceed all of your expectations.

Who We Are

MCG Plastics, Inc. is a small, family owned company that was established in 1992 by Mario C. Garza.  What began in a building housing only 4500 square feet has grew tremendously over the years.  As we outgrew our space, it became harder for us to work to our fullest capabilities.  So we have added:

·         2005 – added 12,000 square feet to the manufacturing facility

·         2014 – added 15, 200 square feet for a warehouse