One of the advantages to working with MCG Tooling is that we have top of the line toolmakers working for our team.  Since we have a tooling department within our company, we are able to reduce the amount of time it takes to ship out new production.  High quality and fast turnaround is what we are all about at MCG Plastics!


Our tooling department has top of the line machines to use while creating your product.  In order to create the prototype that you need, we have to have what we need to make that happen.  Some of the machineries we use for tooling are:

·         CNC Mills – computer numerical controlled machining to both drill and cut

·         EDM’s – machines complex shapes out of very hard metals

·         Lathes – a rotating drive turns the metal in order to shape it

Other Opportunities

Besides the machinery that we use in order to create your prototype, we also provide other options as well.  This will result in a mold that will withstand the harsh demands of the high-pressure injection molding process.  Some options we provide are:

·         Infinity Grade Option

·         Care & Maintenance of existing molds

·         Versatile mold bases to reduce costs

·         Interchangeable cavities

·         Various Types of Prototyping