What is Polyethylene?

Polyethylene is the most common type of plastic.  Annually, the global production results in approximately 80 million tons.  We primarily see polyethylene used in packaging, such as plastic bags, plastic films and containers like water bottles.

Biodegradability of Polyethylene

Polyethylene will biodegrade, or break down, naturally over a long period of time.  There are methods available to help make it more degradable when certain conditions exist.  These conditions are things like sunlight, moisture, oxygen and composting.  When these items are disposed of in sanitary landfills, most traditional plastics do not decompose very rapidly.  Then what tends to happen is that polyethylene items are found littering the environment and this unsightly occurrence can be very hazardous to wildlife.  For this reason, plastic shopping bags are being made biodegradable.

Joining Polyethylene Parts

There are commonly used methods when joining polyethylene parts together.  Adhesives and solvents are rarely used when joining these parts together.  Some methods that are commonly used are:

·         Hot Gas Welding

·         Fastening

·         Infrared Welding

·         Laser Welding

·         Ultrasonic Welding

·         Heat Sealing

·         Heat Fusion



Polyethylene is a very versatile plastic.  For that reason it is used in numerous items.  Some are:

·         Bottles and Other Containers

·         Buckets

·         Plastic Dishware

·         Melamine Resin

·         Drinking Glasses

·         Styrofoam Cups

·         Foam Cushions

·         Insulated Cups