Let Us Service Your Needs…

MCG Plastics, Inc. is here to service you for all your plastic inspired needs!  Bring us your 3D file, sketch or even a picture of what you want us to create for you along with some basic dimensions and we will create your masterpiece.  We will offer you competitive prices and help you choose what plastic best fits your needs.  So what are you waiting for?  Drop by and see us today!


We work with a variety of plastics.  Each plastic has its own list of advantages for items it works best for.  Some of the types of plastics we work with are:

·         Polypropylene

·         Polyethylene

·         Polycarbonate

·         ABS

·         Nylon

·         Acrylic


Our highly experienced toolmakers use machines like CNC mills, EDM’s and lathes to shape and mold your prototype.  We have a fast turnaround in providing and give you a high quality product.



The Molding Process

MCG Plastics, Inc. creates parts using a process called injection molding.  During this process, plastic is melted down and then injected into a mold that creates your part.  We can also complete a process called insert molding.  This is when we place a piece of metal, another type of plastic, or some other option into the mold prior to injecting the hot plastic to create your part.