We Know Plastics!

MCG Plastics, Inc. specializes in creating plastic items according to your specifications!  The abundancy of plastics on the market today can be rather confusing.  Let us help you decide what plastic material is best suited to your needs.

Polypropylene – This plastic is commonly found in households, commercial and industrial settings.  It can be used for medical uses as well. 

Polyethylene – This is the most common type of plastic.  One problem this type of plastic faces is its low level of biodegradability.

Polycarbonate – Items such as bulletproof glass, CD’s and DVD’s are derived from this plastic.  It is commonly chosen for its versatility and toughness.

ABS – This plastic is categorized into two major categories, ABS for extrusion and ABS for injection molding.  ABS is a very resilient plastic when it comes to impacts and toughness.   

Nylon This plastic is phenomenal to work with because it resists heat, chemicals and wear extremely well.  It is also very easy to process and its properties can easily be affected by the presence of moisture.

Acrylic – This clear, synthetic plastic is very tough, impact and scratch resistant.  It is an excellent choice for windows, windshields and hard contact lenses.

Various Others – There are other plastics on the market as well.  Stop by MCG Plastics, Inc. to find out what else we have to offer.