Injection Molding

What is injection molding?  It is the shaping of heated plastic and injecting it into a mold.  If you need a plastic product designed for you, all you have to do is provide us at MCG Plastics, Inc. a 3D file, sketch or picture and we can get started with your injection molded product.  Give us some basic dimensions and our experienced engineers can put together a comprehensive quote for you at a competitive price.  We will also help you choose the right material to provide a quality and high performing product.


Process of Injection Molding

Once we have your product specifications, we will begin forming plans for the tooling of your product.  We have had years of practice to develop a process of precision tooling for injection molding.  We ensure consistent manufacturing that will reap the reward of a high quality precision part!  Steps we will take are:

Tooling – the mold if finalized and sent to the CNC department.  Here your custom tool will be machined using high quality aluminum blocks.  Your mold is complete when we have ensured the tool captures every single detail you require.

Production – your finished tool will be installed into one of our injection molding machines where your chosen material is loaded into a hopper.  The material is fed into the machine where it is melted and injected into the mold creating your product.